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regional products

Whether cherry brandy, sour cherry wine or sour cherry nectar of the cooperative society to Unterrieden as well as bread spreads of Knofi & So or Witzenhäuser Honey with us you receive many regional products. The dry cherries are not to be forgotten.

Cooperative society

Witzenhäuser cherrywater Witzenhäuser cherry liqueur
sour cherry wine elderberry wine
Sloewine Sour cherry nectar
cherry-Secco Cherrystone bag
Witzenhäuser cherrytea

Gabriels beekeeping

Spring flowering honey 500 gr.
forest honey 500 gr.
Forest flower honey 500 gr.
Acacia honey 500 gr.

Knofi & So

Mild Ajvar 250 ml
jam 125 ml
spread 125 ml
Chili sauce 50 ml
Aioli 125 ml

Troki manufactory

Troki Chocolate
Troki nature

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