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Organic Region and Fair Trade Town

Eco? Logical!

Since 2015, the Werra-Meißner district is a model region for ecological agriculture. After all, this has been a theme in Witzenhausen tradition for centuries.

In many cases, former students from Witzenhausen have specialized in organic farming and market their products in squares and organic markets via co-ops, plus regional weekly markets. Thus, the term organic region in the Werratal has earned its title. Some restaurants use this for their menus and work to incorporate sustainably created products into the typical regional cuisine. Organic farms are not the only product of the university in this region.

The university can also look back at multitude of success. This includes green recycling bins – who isn’t familiar with these!? Did you also know that these were invented in Witzenhausen? Dried cherries, which are so popular today, also have their origins here. Two students owe the popularity of these to the help of the sun. Today, the products ranges from the well-known dried cherries to tomato chips, even to delicacies with chocolate, marmalade, and many more. Witzenhausen has also had the title of “Fair Trade Town Witzenhausen” since 2011.

The work group of the Fair Trade Town includes not just the town of Witzenhausen and Pro Witzenhausen GmbH but also representatives of the world shop, the DITSL GmbH, the Tropical Greenhouse, trade, restaurants, churches, the world shop, schools in Gertenbach, Neu-Eichenberg, and Hundelshausen, plus the state school board, and of course the local press. In Germany, 40 cities are recognized as Fair Trade Towns – an increasing trend! These cities include Frankfurt, Gießen, and Marburg. There are 20 countries worldwide with Fair Trade Towns, including London, Brussels, Rome, San Francisco, and Copenhagen.

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