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Visiting peoples of the world

The exhibit at the Ethnology Museum was founded in 1976 and guides visitors on an exciting trip through the large diversity of world cultures. The exhibit shows exemplary objects of material culture, which have been created by people in their respective social-ecological context or who have accepted these objects as a result of cultural contact. These make an impression on the consciousness, individuality, and the work of those living after them.

Common tools and works of art point to the living conditions of people and to the daily activities that ran their economies. It is not easy to draw the line between daily used items and works of art.

The collection includes approximately 2,000 ethnographic objects, 1,400 pieces of which were collected since 1900 by friends and graduates of the respective German Colonial School of Witzenhausen and its successor. Thus, the corridor is not only a trip through cultures but also through ecological zones from tropical and sub-tropical regions.

Visiting hours

April through October
Wednesday and Sunday
From 3 to 6 p.m.

More visiting information can be found here.

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