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Werra-Burgen-Steig X5 H

High-quality, history bearing hiking paths built to the highest hiking standard. In 2016, it was selected as Germany’s second most beautiful hiking trail!

How glorious it must be to scale the proud castle on the high Werra shore and then look out on the world. From early on, the joy of hikers in the Werratal recognized the meaning of a path from Hann. Münden to Wartburg. The path through Hesse was built as a certified trail with the title X5 H (Hesse). It runs from Hann. Münden, a town with three rivers, through the cherry and university town of Witzenhausen in the direction of Bad Sooden-Allendorf. From there, the Werra-Burgen-Steig leads to Dietemannstadt Eschwege and finally to the Middle Age town of Tannenburg, next to Nentershausen.

The paths in our part of the Werratal run from Niedersachsen to Hesse and comprise 133 km of the longest part of the X5 H: Hann. Münden … Berlepsch Castle (20 km) Berlepsch Castle … Witzenhausen (9 km) Witzenhausen … Ludwigstein Castle (10 km) Ludwigstein Castle … Bad Sooden-Allendorf (17 km) Sad Sooden-Allendorf … Hitzelrode (12 km) Hitzelrode … Eschwege (16 km) Eschwege … Röhrda (12 km) Röhrda … Rittmannshausen (10 km) Rittmannshausen … Holzhausen (11 km) Holzhausen … Nentershausen (16 km)

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